The Conch Republic Islands’ Paranormal Team travels the Florida Keys in search of paranormal activity and attempt to document it. First and foremost our number one rule is to have fun! Our motto is “Raising Spirits in the Florida Keys” and we do just that, while tipping a glass for ourselves we offer one to the spirits as well.  Our prior focus has been Key West – the second most haunted city in the United States! From Key West to Key Largo we are continually looking for new locations.

We are a mix of skeptics, believers and a combination of both. Currently we are working closely with Tim Glancey, owner of Key West Ghost and Mysteries Tours
Tim has been a major asset in gaining our team access to the most active locations in Key West and a big Thank You goes out to him!  In fact, all of the locations we select are not open to the general public to conduct an investigation.

This is your opportunity to experience haunted Key West and the entire Florida Keys like never before.

Join us for a truly unique event.  We know how frustrating it is to watch the TV shows and want to be part of the action.  We know what it is like to spend money on a high dollar event that promises a real investigation, only to be given a KII meter and hear stories from the narrator of their experience.  So instead of complaining about, we set out to do something about it!  With us, you get the real deal.

You will be trained on how to use the equipment, you will have a true hands on investigation, you will have access to all the video, audio, etc. that is generated during your event. You are the star of your own show!  Click here for more information